The story so far…

My name is Marvin, and I’m currently anchored to a tiny studio in the northern edge of Hell’s Kitchen, Manhattan, very much enjoying all the city has to offer.

I was born in Malacca, Malaysia in 1983, grew up there for the most part, and ended up in Los Angeles in early 2003. In December 2006, I completed my undergraduate degree in the sunny campus of USC and then got my first full-time job as a Front End Engineer for Yahoo! in Santa Monica, CA. In January 2008, I relocated to a very frigid Toronto, ON, Canada, before moving to New York City in April 2009. I enjoyed a brief stint with The New York Times before joining Jetsetter (a member of Gilt Groupe) as the principal Front End Engineer in May 2010.

I like good code, sound software design/architecture, fluid interaction flows and visuals that tie everything together like a good rug in a room.

About this site

The original, old and crusty marvintam.com made its debut in late 2006, which did its job of getting my first gig at Yahoo!. After letting that stew for a while, I redesigned and rebuilt this iteration one fine morning in May 2009.

WordPress was chosen simply because no other platform has a matching feature set, and I already have substantial experience with it. This site will continue the old site’s primary purpose as my portfolio piece, but the plan from now on is to write a lot more here. Hopefully, these posts will be helpful to readers (including future me) as well.

Warning: This Site Will Probably Break On Shitty Browsers.

Weapons of choice

Getting in touch

Contact forms are so passé—please, just shoot me an email. Gmail isn’t afraid of spam, and neither should you!

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