I Washed My Apple Keyboard In The Sink

Apple Aluminium Keyboard

Yesterday, I spilled a healthy serving of organic peach yogurt all over my Apple keyboard.

My first reaction was to furiously wipe the keyboard with paper towels, but the option/alt key became stuck such that typing “abcde” will result in “å∫ç∂´”. Plus I now have dairy product in the tiny space between each individual key and its recess. Gross.

I quickly figured that a clean, broken keyboard is probably better than a broken keyboard with caked-in yogurt, which is what I’ll have if I don’t do anything immediately. So I decided to rinse the surface of the keyboard under running water, taking some care not to get water in the USB ports. The only drying I did amounted to flailing the keyboard around in the bath tub and then wiping down the surface with a dry towel.

Amazingly, that did the trick. I was already planning a trip to an Apple Store when I plugged it the keyboard, which I’m sure wasn’t completely dry inside. Today is D-Day +1; I just wrote this on my now squeaky-clean keyboard, the wireless dongle for my mouse is plugged in to one USB port, and the iPhone is charging on another.

I’ve read anecdotes about washing keyboards in the dishwasher and leaving it to dry for a couple days, but not anything specifically about these Apple keyboards. The most useful thing that turned up in Google was this. So here it is—my Apple keyboard survived a wash under running water and I didn’t even air it out for a few days.

I might just have been lucky though, and I’ll let other brave souls try the dishwasher.

3 thoughts on “I Washed My Apple Keyboard In The Sink”

  1. Hi Marvin,

    I’m glad to see that you had better success fixing your keyboard than I did! It’s a tricky bit of hardware there, but I still enjoyed the opportunity to take it apart, even though it got wrecked.


  2. I just did a wet rag and hard scrub on mine – it look baby butt shiney new. – during XMAS time in two night mom in law and wife got wine and coffee on it – especially the number pad. I wiped it dry and have worked with sticky keys for 9 months…. today I was frustrated enough to realize… hey fluids did not kill it then, why would it kill it now…. so wet towel and solid scrubbing…. dry towel and an hour in the sun…. so glad I read this post… I already had a screw driver in the side when I realized something was not right. I figured Apple engineers had to take into account designing a board that could tollerate some level of sloppy use.


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